About Us


Hotel in the Heart of India

The Ahvana Hotels is a new age hotel management company providing hospitality services All over India & also looking for global opportunity.
All our hotels are equipped with modern amenities and you ll find epitome of great services with our helpful staff and supportive management.

We are available 24/7 at your service

Ahvana Hotels & Resorts division of Ahvana Hotel Group started back in 2010 in Nasik /Mumbai India. After many years later and changes, Ahvana has evolved into the fastest growing Management contract & franchise program in the India & World, Ahvana is dedicated to expanding the franchise program worldwide. Ahvana Hotels & Resorts short and long-term goal is to expand the franchise and focusing on the business needs of the Ahvana members. Ahvana is made of four sections: Ahvana Hotels, Induspark Inn & Suites, Velvettas Resort, and I N D I O QSR Restaurants.