We are focused on providing strategic planning operational management Our company is dedicated to helping is clients maximize potential through exceptional management of their industries created in 2010 by groups of very highly experienced professional from industry .we strive to deliver proven strategies to our clients to capitalize on the their potential in an ever changing world .at the moment our company is concentrating join more on the Real estate , hotels development and Land Dealing and Projects.
AHVANA Hotels & Resort India, is based at Nasik/Mumbai, and dedicated to providing the best services in the timely and cost efficient manner; we are open for the al over Indian assignment and overseas.
AHVANA Hotels & resort India team provides customized and unparalleled solutions to clients. Our in-depth understanding enables us to guide clients in shaping effective entry strategies. If you need a partner that understands the complexities of the industry as an operating business and as a real estate investment, we can provide the solutions you need.
Our strong operations and consulting background coupled with the domain knowledge in real estate provides a holistic view to both developers and brands. Developers benefit from our comprehensive analysis of a large variety of brands, and consequently enable them arrive at the best fit for their development needs. Brands that work with us can make sound, informed decisions based on our unbiased and objective evaluation of the developers and locations

Our Mission

to execute and manage a group of hotels, ensuring the highest levels of quality and services to guest while providing an ever increasing profitability, facilitating growth and development of both the hotels and the employees.

Our Commitment

We have developed strategies to help hoteliers /entrepreneurs, real estate and commodity business people increase the value of their investment and this has paid rich dividends and more and more travelers and becoming conscious and choose to patronize our group of hotel which are environmentally friendly .environmentally sensitive travelers are the fastest growing segment in the travel industry , Hotel Resort, Restaurant Managements & Operation Managing and supervising day to day operation backed by a pool of qualified and experienced professionals.


Market positioning / branding of the company. Advance booking of inventory / contracts. Reservation network access Looking forward to hear from you soon and give the best services in the industry

Post-operative services

Managing / Operating the hotel/company, Cost & Revenue budgeting, Review of Performance jointly with owners, Database management & mass mailing, Quarterly service / system audits., Centralized reservation, concept design / Implementation, Consultancy. Market survey and feasibility studies. Conceptualization of hotel projects, Financial viability analysis.

Pre-opening services: Industry startup

Feasibility study , Market survey, Technical services, Architect brief, Interior Design brief, Services brief, consultant brief, Project planning, implementation scheduling, Vendor Selection & Negotiation, Marketing strategy