Management Team

Ananth R Bhedke

(Managing Director/CEO of Gansiddha Hotels and Hospitality India Pvt. Ltd )

Mr. Ananth R. Bhedke holds a master's degree in marketing and sales and a degree in hotel management. He champions the mid-market hotel business, bringing brand vision to life. He has a lot of experience running hotels, and has been a key part of the growth of Ahvana Hotels & Resorts. He has worked in the hospitality industry for a long time in India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He has been running and managing hotels for more than 30 years. By working for well-known hotel companies, he learned how to provide excellent service and manage things in a way that meets client needs. smart businessman, affable person, and active professional,

He founded Ahvana Hotels in 2010 after a distinguished career in luxury, hotel & resorts, independent, and branded hotels. Since then, he and his talented team have successfully completed numerous distressed property turnarounds, new constructions, and re-brandings, earning them a well-deserved reputation for the excellence of the Ahvana implementation on both a commercial and cultural level.
With Ahvana now searching for management, asset management, advisory, or consulting opportunities globally, Ananth's vision for a truly bespoke global management company sharing resources, skills, and strategic thinking, as well as internally-created operating systems, procedures, and guidelines, has come to life.
He knows a lot about management and how things work in the workplace, which will help the company's services a lot. To fulfill the corporate objective and ensure overall success, he will produce the greatest results.